Jack PC


نام محصول :Socket in wall pc connection

Color: White
Ethernet Technology: Fast Ethernet
Flash Memory: 64 MB
Form Factor: Ultra Small
Green Compliant: Yes
Operating System: Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Model: Au1550
Processor Speed: 500 MHz
Processor Type: Alchemy
Product Family: Jack PC
Product Type: Thin Client
Standard Memory: 128 MB
Total Number of USB Ports: 4
Input Voltage 110 V AC – 220 V AC
Certifications & Standards: NEMA-WD6, ANSI Compliant
EMI/EMC Certifications & Standards: FCC Class B, CE mark, EN55022B, VCCI
Safety Certifications & Standards: UL/cUL 60950, CE mark EN60 950
Height 4.6″
Width 2.8″
Depth 1.6″
Weight (Approximate) 12.30 oz
Safety: UL/cUL 60950, CE mark EN60 950
EMI/EMC: FCC Class B, CE mark, EN55022B, VCCI
Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: ENERGY STAR more details on – https://www.carid.com/chip-pc-technologies/jack-pc-efi-6800-amd-alchemy-au1550-500-mhz-128mb-ddr-sdram-64mb-flash-windows-embedded-ce-6-0-ultra-small-thin-client-mpn-cpn04204.html

۱- هزینه حمل و نقل بر عهده مشتری خواهد بود.

۲- سفارش مشتریان محترم خارج از تهران پس از واریز مبلغ فاکتور ارسال خواهد شد.

۳- پرداخت هزینه حمل و نقل  در تهران پس از تحویل به مامور پیک خواهد بود.

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Jack PC LXJ2311 high performance thin client/virtual desktop is the perfect desktop for users that require high-end functionality; Integrated into a standard LAN Jack, supporting Power-over-Ethernet and DVI-I video connectivity offering high resolutions, best-picture quality and user convenience. The Jack PC LXJ2311 offers a compact, revolutionary unit, dissolved into a wall or table surface that becomes an integral part of sophisticated Smart Buildingtechnology.


– Cross OS upgrade to Windows® CE OS (optional, requires purchase of Microsoft license/label)

– Outstanding In-session Performance,     including video and sound

– Powerful multimedia with Chip PC® video redirection(ICA/RDP)

– Powerful Linux MPlayer supporting a wide range of video formats

– ICA ۱۱ with Citrix® HDX Plug-n-Play (USB redirection)

– Cost-effectiveness and security advantages of ultra thin devices

– Flexible 3rd party application support

– Fully managed via Policy-based, value-added Xcalibur Global management suite

– Allows login to Active Directory domain from Linux-based devices

– Manage devices in any environment (LAN, WAN, Remote site)

– Lowest power consumption, only 3W power

– Best power/performance ratio

– Smallest form-factor assures minimum carbon footprint and maximum recycling potential

– Power by monitor option with Chip PC USB power cable


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